We have produced many documentaries over the years for companies, charities and organisations like the BBC, Channel 4 & 5 and SKY.


If you are looking to have a documentary produced, please do give us a call.


Below is a some of our recent work:

Cherry Tree Nursery - Back in 2000, we made a film about a new charity called, The Shelterered Work Opportunity (SWOP), who set up Cherry Tree Nursery to support people with mental health issues. This year we went back to make a new film about the very successful work they have achieved. However, we were shocked at how demand for this kind of support has recently shot through the roof and how having a mental illness can effect all of us. Please do support them if you can:

Discover Warwickshire - A Godiva Award winning 100 minute documentary about the towns and villages in Warwickshire was produced in house and sells all over the world.

Discover Shakespeare's Stratford Upon Avon - This 92 minute documentary was produced in house and is regarded as the official Stratford upon Avon video. It is sold in the Shakespeare houses and sells all over the world including the USA, Japan and China.

The Restoration of the Stoneleigh Abbey Lake - This is the first part of a series of films following the 3 year journey to bring the grounds of this spectacular British building back to its former glory.

The River Starts Here - This short film was created for the, Transforming the Trent Valley, as a showcase of the work they had done to support local brooks and streams in the area.  

Walking with the Wounded - When Prince Harry's charity, Walking with the Wounded, came to Rugby, we were there to greet them and document their incredible journey.