Introducing the Creative Force Behind Alpha Star Productions

Meet Simon Cox, an indie filmmaker with over 25 years of experience shaping the landscape of the UK TV and film industry. With a dynamic portfolio that spans BBC, Sky, ITV, Channel 4, and Channel 5, Simon's directorial and editorial prowess has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Simon's journey began in a galaxy far, far away, ignited by the transformative power of Star Wars. From those early days crafting Super 8mm films to his award-winning work showcased on the BBC's Screen Test and Tokyo Film Festival, Simon's dedication to science fiction storytelling has been unwavering.

Venturing to London in 1989, Simon's career accelerated. Starting as a runner at FilmFair, he swiftly ascended to become an in-house editor, refining his craft with over 300 children's programs. Notable titles like Astro Farm and The Wombles bear the mark of his meticulous editing.

In 1999, Simon leapt into the world of feature films, penning and directing the chilling masterpiece, "Written in Blood." Filmed at Pinewood Studios, this cinematic gem gained international acclaim and remains a fixture on Sky. The Horror Channel's documentary, "Making of Written in Blood," further cemented Simon's status as a rising star in the directorial realm.

Two decades ago, Simon relocated to the picturesque Warwickshire, establishing Alpha Star Productions as a local production powerhouse. Always at the forefront of technology, Simon was a pioneer in bringing high-end HD equipment to the region, forever changing the landscape of production.


His portfolio extends beyond traditional film-making, encompassing corporate videos, pop promos, commercials, and award-winning shorts. As 2nd unit director on the OSCAR shortlisted "Gone Fishing," Simon's influence can be seen throughout the film.


The crown jewel in Simon's career is the awe-inspiring sci-fi epic, "Invasion Planet Earth." Released in UK cinemas in December 2019, this cult hit soared to number 9 in the UK film charts and captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

In recognition of his work, Simon was honored with a Godiva Award for "Best Business Innovation" for his documentary, "Discover Warwickshire." This success was followed by "Discover Shakespeare's Stratford Upon Avon," a testament to Simon's unyielding commitment to indie film production.


With AlphaStar Productions now in full flow, Simon has begun work on his next epic - another super ambitious science fiction feature film called, 'Of Infinite Worlds'. 

Beyond the world of cinema, Simon is a devoted husband to Angela and a proud father of two daughters. His passion for storytelling and unwavering dedication to his craft continue to shape the future of Alpha Star Productions.

Simon with his wife Angela and daughters, Sophie and Gemma.
Simon with his wife Angela and daughters, Sophie and Gemma.